GLEF Completes Construction on 5th School Building

GLEF Ambassadors from the U.S. and Canada gather to help celebrate the grand-opening of Don Tret Community Elementary School in February 2018.

The construction of the new GLEF building at Don Tret Community Elementary School inin Somlaut in the Battambang Province in Cambodia is now complete. A three-room school has been built to support this new and growing village.  This project was made possible by individuals giving throughout the world, including generous donors at GLEF annual’s “Magical Night in Cambodia” fundraiser in 2016. 

In 2014, Project Leads and GLEF Ambassadors Paul and Samantha Eang submitted a project request to GLEF to consider building a more sustainable structure for this dedicated community. The proposal was approved in 2015, full funding was reached in 2016 and construction started in 2017.

In February of 2018, GLEF Ambassadors from the U.S. and Canada visited Don Tret to celebrate the grand-opening of the new school building. Joining GLEF on this trip was former Cambodian Ambassador to the U.S, Heng Hem and his wife.

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