Golden Leaf Education Foundation

The mission of Golden Leaf Education Foundation (GLEF) is to empower humanity by enhancing educational opportunities internationally, in memory of genocide victims and in honor of survivors, “golden leaves”:

golden leaf (gōl’dən lēf) – n., pl. golden leaves (gōl’dən lēvz)
1. a survivor of a heinous act against humanity, especially genocide.
2. Golden Leaf (pl. Golden Leaves):
a. A person who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide: “Golden Leaf, A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor” (Kilong Ung)
3. one who survives against extreme odds

This foundation leverages Cambodia’s history of genocide to foster peace and goodwill through renovating existing schools, building new schools, and providing educational supports such as school supplies and providing student uniforms.

GLEF Vision:

  • Renovated (existing) schools with a subtitle “A Golden Leaf School”.
  • New schools with the title “Golden Leaf School”. Location-postfix such as country name, city name, village name may be added to the main title — i.e. Golden Leaf School Battambang.
  • Sibling schools. Any school may apply to become a Golden Leaf sibling school. Paired sibling schools support each other in the traditional sense of sister schools.
  • Golden Leaf Equity Tour to support the Golden Leaf schools.
  • Students that have awareness of genocide and global conflicts.
  • Students that have awareness of conflict resolutions.
  • Students that have awareness of “paying it forward.”
  • Students that have awareness of “service above self.”
  • Students that have faith in humanity.