Developing the GLEF Comprehensive Educational Program

In Nov. 2017, GLEF shared with its donors and supporters at the Seventh Annual “Magical Night” fundraiser about the upcoming develop its Comprehensive Educational Program (CEP). 

The goals of the CEP are:

  • Plan to Upkeep All GLEF Schools for Future Generations
  • Include After School Programming
  • Further Support for Students

This video tells more about the CEP.

To begin the CEP process, in February 2018, GLEF Ambassadors visited two of the five GLEF school buildings to touch base with the principals, teachers and students in person, as well has document the conditions of the buildings in order to access wear and tear (i.e. paint fading from the hot and sunny, Cambodian days). These visits provided helpful information to guide GLEF in formulating the CEP for its current school buildings and to improve future projects. 

The GLEF board is currently developing the CEP and plan to share updates at the Eighth Annual “Magical Night”, Sat. Oct. 6, 2018. Please join us to celebrate and hear the latest news!

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