Letter from GLEF President


What a busy year this has been at Golden Leaf Education Foundation. And for some of us, it has been a very lucky year. It started with the grand opening of our second school build at Koh Broteal. Most don’t know that this site is NOT a holy place — it was a death camp under the Khmer Rouge. Today, these children and their families are living now, in overwhelming poverty.

The students are so eager to learn. The students were all dressed in their uniforms; the parents and family were beaming with joy. This project has given them hope.

Just down the road from the new school, power lines were being laid — bring electricity to the village for the first time. When we build a school in such remote areas, the local officials understand the significance of the school, and bring new service to the village.

A few days after, GLEF celebrated the groundbreaking at our third school, Svay Klaing. These kids are incredible. I wanted to take a picture with this tiny, little student, and then, within a few moments, there was a throng of young people around me. They all wanted to join the fun. And now too, they have a new school.

WE are the lucky ones — like hitting the lottery, except money can never fill you as much as helping kids who truly want to get an education.

With a little bit of time and a little bit of money, GLEF is helping to change the lives of thousands of people. If you would like to participate in GLEF’s endeavors, we are an email or a phone call away.


David Simas
GLEF President

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