GLEF Completes Construction on 4th School Building

The construction of the new GLEF building at Soeur Village Elementary School in Banteay Mancheay Province (Northern Cambodia) is now complete. A three-room school has been built where a worn building was torn down.  This project was made possible by individuals giving throughout the world, including generous donors at GLEF annual’s “Magical Night in Cambodia” fundraiser in 2014. Please check out GLEF’s Facebook page for Soeur School project photos.

This project was built in honor of former Soeur School teacher, Sok Prang father of Project Lead Chhunny Sok. During the Khmer Rouge Regime, he endured a multitude of hardships because he was a teacher. No one in the regime wanted to risk having people around that would test their intelligence. The war tried stripping Sok Prang of his compassion for teaching and educating, but he never stopped hanging on to hope. He continued to teach after the war and graced our world until 2005. We are honored to help carry on Prang’s legacy of love for education.

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