Âng School Water Tanks & Basketball Court


The first GLEF school, Âng School in Battambang, Cambodia is going on its second year and students and staff are fully enjoying it. The village water tanks, which were graciously donated by the Rotary Club of Tualatin (Oregon, USA), have also been installed and are now ready for use in the upcoming dry season.

Ang School_Principal_BBall_03294_Crop

GLEF gives special thanks to its Construction Chair, Mony Mao and GLEF Ambassador Mardine Mao for visiting the Âng School in January 2013 to meet with its principal and to see the water tanks’ installation, as well as to the Rotary Club of Tualatin.

After recent discussions, the GLEF Board decided to support a new addition to the school: a basketball court. The original request was for some sort of a play ground or play structure, so that students would be inclined to stay at school during the week or on non-school days, creating a community of fun and learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The new concrete court is not only being used to pass the ball and shoot hoops, but also for traditional Cambodian games like jump rope, hopscotch and Moeuk to name a few. It has not only become a gathering place during recess, but on the weekends too.

GLEF_Ang School_Basketball Court_7.13_03288

This project was made possible by: Colm Power, Rotary Club of Tualatin, Matine & Vanna Morb, Honor Chanly, Carla C. Bock, In memory of Rasmey Nhek (by his sister Sokunthveary Shah) and anonymous donors. GLEF thanks these donors for this educational enhancement to The Âng School.

The school’s basketball court was completed in April 2013.

Photos © 2013 Mony and Mardine Mao.

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