Dong Het Community Elementary School

GLEF_Don Tret 12.15_Fundraising

In January 2021, GLEF completed its sixth school building construction. This project was for Dong Het Community Elementary School, located in Srok Chhlong in the Kratie Province in Cambodia. The community, recently incorporated, was outgrowing its original school structure (picture below), a two-room structure. The new building is a five-room, fully furnished school building.

In 2007, the first one-room wooden classroom (pictured below) was built on land was provided by the Som Lot community chief. Back then, the teacher was a community volunteer, as the school was not officially supported by the District Office of Education (DOE).

But the Sam Lot community is a dedicated and committed group of people, and along with support from World Vision and KHEN a local NGO, the school was improved with rain water catchment tanks, a playground, a water well, latrine, plus teaching and learning materials for the preschool. The complex was also expanded to three wooden classrooms with learning supplies and more. With the villagers’ focus on improving their community and NGO support, Don Tret CommunityElementary School was officially recognized by DOE in 2014. Now the school’s principal  and its two teachers are funded by the Ministry of Education Youth and Support (MoEYS) and they are all trained in proper teaching methodology.  The School Improvement Grant (SIG) a Swedish government grant also gives additional support to MoEYS for Don Tret Community Elementary School. MoEYS contribution per student annually is $2-3 USD. This school also is strongly supported by the School Supporting Committee (SSC) which impacts the school management and sustainability. The school’s land has also been donated now and it is officially registered to the school asset of the DOE.

GLEF_Don Tret School_2014School enrollment has more than doubled over the last three years. In the 2012-13 school year, there were 44 students. During the 2014-15 school year, there were 153 students from preschool to fourth grade. The students per grade are:
Preschool: 25 students
Grade 1: 28 students
Grade 2: 30 students
Grade 3: 35 students
Grade 4: 35 students

The current support for Don Tret Community Elementary School is unable to allocate funds for constructing a school to better withstand the rainy season, so in 2014, Project Leads and GLEF Ambassadors Paul and Samantha Eang submitted a project request to GLEF to consider building a more sustainable structure for this dedicated community.

In the autumn of 2015, GLEF approved the Eang’s project proposal and is now currently fundraising to construct a three-room building for Don Tret Community Elementary School.

The Don Tret Community Elementary School supports a community of over 1,780 people comprised of 445 families. These farming families harvest cassava, used to produced bio-gas, corn for factories and also fruit such as durians, pineapples and logan berries.

The closest school to Don Tret Community Elementary School is about 10 km away and supports grades 1-6. Because of the distance, which would be traveled by foot or bike, it is too far away for daily education.

Since this 2015 project approval, GLEF has collected over half the amount toward this project and will continue to raise funds until we reach $40,000, the approximate cost for constructing a three-room GLEF building. This structure would be unique to this area, as it would be the only one of its kind within many kilometers. GLEF aims to reach this goal in 2016 by reaching out to its current donors and supporters and expanding its reach through partnerships.

Please contact GLEF if you are interested in helping to support the construction of the Don Tret Community Elementary School at or by donating through the GLEF website (below) or by mail at:
Golden Leaf Education Foundation
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