Sophorn Cheang

Executive Director

GLEF_Sophorn Cheang_Exe DirSophorn Cheang was born and raised in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Her father was a math professor at the Royal University of Phnom Penh for more than 10 years, receiving a electrical engineering degree from Russia, and later an engineer for SITA consulting company headquartered in Singapore.

Education has always been of high importance for the family and highly valued. At age 19, she pursued her dreams of studying in America; where she earned a B.S. in Finance from Portland State University. Sophorn is driven with a desire to understand and to learn.

Being blessed with opportunities in America, she feels that she could and should give something back to this world. Sophorn is active not only in the Cambodian-American Community of Oregon, but also involved with other organizations such IRCO Asian Family Center, Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce, and Colored Pencils Art and Culture Councils. In addition, Sophorn attributes her personal and professional development to the many mentors, seasoned leaders, and professionals in her life. With her heart in Cambodia, she wants to be part of the solution to help her native country heal, grow, and foster hope. She believes in Golden Leaf Education Foundation and has seen first-hand what a handful of passionate and compassionate volunteers can do for so many children who do not have the luxury to pursue their dreams. She is honored and excited for the future of GLEF as it works to instill hope in impoverished children.