Skyler Sin

Golden Leaf Seedling

GLEF_Skyler Sin_VolunteerSkyler performed a Cambodian classical dance during the inauguration night of Golden Leaf Education Foundation’s “A Magical Night in Cambodia” on July 30th, 2010. On that night Skyler shared the featured performance with his mother, Bonnearin, in a classic Cambodian royal classical dance called Savan Macha (the Golden Mermaid). Since then Skyler has volunteered for every GLEF Annual Auction Gala event.

Skyler’s passion for helping the needy began when he was about 8 years old, when he saw a video of poor and nearly homeless people especially kids around his age in remote provinces in Cambodia. That year he donated $80, almost all of his birthday money savings to his grandmother’s humanitarian trip. He asked her to give it to poor children she saw fit. Since then Skyler has always been donating however little he could to needy worldwide and has been volunteering for many different causes over the years.

Skyler is currently a senior at Southridge High School where he holds the position of Senior Class Secretary responsible for planning and organizing school events and teacher appreciation.

Besides school work and volunteering, Skyler enjoys practicing martial arts and gymnastics. He has added flipping, twisting, and aerial techniques he learned in gymnastics to his martial art forms for competitions where he has won many divisional championships and grand championships. He is a National Black Belt league (NBL) ranked competitor as well as a certified gymnastic coach and instructor at Oregon Metropolitan Elite Gymnastics Academy. Skyler also enjoys playing guitar, basketball, tennis, and going on cruises.

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