Raine Carnegie

Golden Leaf Seedling; 2011 Recipient of GLEF’s Outstanding Service Award

Raine Carnegie profile photoI am Raine Carnegie. I am 13 years old, homeschooled, and I traveled extensively with my family. I have been all over SE Asia, and I have been to Cambodia twice. This past winter I went to the meeting for the Ang School, and it was really quite interesting to see how things work in Cambodia, and how different it is from Canada.

I am quite the fan of Golden Leaf Education Foundation, and the people I have met in the foundation. I really respect the fact that the “golden leaves” of the group, though they have gone through so much, they can still have a smile on their face, and make change while doing so.  This summer I am going to the GLEF event,  “On the Wings of a Dream”, and I am sure I will remember it, for a very long time.

I have worked toward some change in this world. In 2009, I participated in “Halloween for Hunger” in which I helped collect around 2,000 pounds of food for our local food bank. In May 2010, I helped with “Shoes for Swaziland” organizing and implementing a shoe drive for people in Swaziland who need shoes. In total we collected over 6,000 pairs of shoes. Then this past Halloween, I did the same thing, (but it was called “Trick or Eat”) and we got about 3,500 pounds of food. In March 2011, I collected about $200 for desks for kids in the Ang School. Finally, in May 2011 I collected $425–enough for about 12 bikes; my mom will purchase the bikes in Cambodia for Ang School students in November 2011.

My mission in all of this is to help others, and inspire others to affect change in the process. Hmm, I must be a SUPERSTAR, or so Kilong says!