Christina Schmidt

Golden Leaf Seedling; Two Time Recipient of GLEF’s Outstanding Service Award (2010 & 2012)

Christina is a 16 year old student at Lincoln High School. She came in contact with GLEF after she became the first recipient of the Golden Leaf Education Foundation Outstanding Service Award in 2010. Since then she has furthered her connection with the organization, trying her best to regularly attend monthly board meetings and help grow GLEF’s “Seedlings” program.

Christina’s passion for international service began when she was in 8th grade, the year she began raising money to build a school in Cambodia. Throughout her 8th grade year, Christina raised over $16,500 to construct a new school building in a rural Cambodian village and provide it with the supplies necessary for students to learn. Since then she has raised over $4,500 for Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, an organization that provides low income housing for Guatemalan families. She also participated in a service trip to a small Guatemalan village, where she and her family spent a week helping to construct homes. Next summer, she hopes to spend a summer abroad with Amigos de Las Americas, volunteering and living in small village in Latin America.

Christina loves being a part of GLEF, because it allows her to work with other people who are passionate about trying to make a change in their world. She is inspired by the work of those involved with GLEF, and she hopes she can continue to be a part of the GLEF community throughout the rest of her high school career.