Charles King


Charles King met his first Cambodian Refugee family in 1992 in Bend, Oregon while supervisor at JC Penny. He was introduced to his wife Rom Nop and was married in 1994. He moved to Portland and became involved in the Cambodian Community after attending the 2000 New Year celebration and having a picture and article published on the front page of The Asian Reporter.

He worked with the Cambodian Ministry of the First Baptist Church of Portland and in 2005 went to Cambodia to help build a church, then in 2010 he returned to Cambodia volunteering with the Northwest Medical Dental Team. Charles has been to Cambodia five times.

Charles main contribution to the Cambodian-American Community of Oregon has been to take photographs at various events. He has helped his nieces and nephews adapt to the American culture by giving driving lessons, passing citizenship test, filling forms, interpreting documents and photography internships. He has been nominated by the Oregon Consul Corps to be the Honorary Consul General of Cambodian to Oregon. The nomination has been setting in the office of the Minister of International Affairs in Phnom Penh for two years without being acted. An article he wrote about the Cambodian National Museum is on the top of most search internet engines. He provided “Behind the scene pictures” for CACO’s DVD Oral History Project.

Currently he is preparing to interview and record refugees of Myanmar and Bhutan, and older Cambodians citizens. He is planning to establish a NGO for books to be distributed to schools and to the National Library in Cambodia.

Mr. King highly values the purpose of GLEF for the educational goals they purpose.