GLEF’s Other Contributions

GLEF proudly partners with the Cambodian-American Community of Oregon (CACO) to provide much needed supplies for students and families in Cambodia.

The Bike Campaign

Rows of the bikes donated to students at the Âng School were lined up and ready to be received.

This project is headed by GLEF Board Member and CACO Presdient Chanly Bob. During the Humanitarian Trip in November 2011, 300 bikes were distributed to pre-selected organizations, schools and villages previously visited during past trips and recommended by humanitarians with direct knowledge of the selected organizations.  In 2011, a total of $4,140 was donated for rice, $1,350 for school supplies and a whopping $10,740 for bikes. Nearly $16,230 was raised through a collective effort, with nearly $10,000 raised from fellow travelers. It is amazing how $35 to $40 can provide a bike for a child so they can go to school and, not to mention, give them hope.  If you’re interested in donating, contact Chanly Bob at

The Desk Campaign

Brand new desks in one of the new Âng School classrooms.

What is a school without desks? While some people think big, Board Member Susan Cooksey sometimes likes to think small. Cooksey wanted a way that people could leave a legacy in Cambodia’s schools, so she became the “Desk Lady”.  The desk campaign provided 260 desks to the Taing Krosaing Junior High School In Kompong Cham Provinvce, Cambodia, in addition to all the desks for the new Âng Elementary School.  Donors gave $30 per desk and the desk was given in “memory” or “In honor” of someone.  Desks were made in Cambodia (to support the local economy) and the names of the honorees were inscribed on the desks.  Many of us were in tears as we toured the Âng school and read the inscribed names of friends and family that were written on the desks, who were now half a world away.  We raised approximately $3,900.00 for desks.  Some of the big donors of desks were Krista and Rain Carnegie, who raised $1,230.00 and Smiley Guest House in Phnom Phen who gave $780.00.  Thanks to everyone who gave a desk so that children could sit and learn in the schools. If you’re interested in donating a desk, email


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