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When purchased here through the Golden Leaf Education Foundation website, GLEF retains 50 percent of each sale of “Golden Leaf: A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor” by Kilong Ung to further its mission to enhance educational opportunities internationally for children in need, in memory of genocide victims and to honor survivors, Golden Leaves. To purchase a copy of “Golden Leaf: A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor” and at the same time support Golden Leaf Education Foundation, go to the STORE or by clicking here or on the menu above. To order 12 or more copies, please call GLEF at 503-208-5323 (LEAF).

Golden Leaf Education Foundation (GLEF) was inspired by a dream of Kilong Ung, author of “Golden Leaf: A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor.”  Upon completing his memoir, Mr. Ung wished to use proceeds of his book to build a school in Cambodia. In less than a year, the GLEF was formed by friends and colleagues of Mr. Ung and funds were raised to build the first Golden Leaf school in the Ang Village in the Battambang province of Cambodia. The opening ceremony of the first Golden Leaf school is scheduled for early November 2011. Mr. Ung’s dream is now shared by the board and volunteers of GLEF as it works on future projects. GLEF thanks Mr. Ung for his continued generosity in supporting its mission.

Summary of “Golden Leaf: A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor”
This book is about the incredible journey of an ambassador for peace, from the Khmer Rouge killing fields to the Rotary Club of Portland and the fellowship of the Royal Rosarians, through minefields, rockets, bullets, refugee camps, and Reed College. It is the memoir of a Khmer Rouge genocide survivor who gives new meaning to the term:

“golden leaf”: golden leaf (gōl’dən lēf) n., pl. golden leaves (gōl’dən lēvz) 1. a survivor of a heinous act against humanity, especially genocide. 2. Golden Leaf (pl. Golden Leaves): a. A person who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide: “Golden Leaf, A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor” (Kilong Ung). 3. one who survives against extreme odds.

As recounted in his memoir, Kilong Ung was a leaf at the mercy of the wind. The wind carried him from one remote part of the world to another. It blew him through turbulence and catastrophic weather. It took him to a Khmer Rouge labor camp and lingered for an eternity. It dehydrated him and nearly starved him to death. Ung helplessly watched the most devilish mother of all winds ruthlessly crush his tree into lifeless pulp. Like an almighty Olympian god, when the wind wanted to toy with him, it blew him through minefields, rockets, and bullets. While two million leaves disintegrated, Ung persevered. Through an extraordinary journey, he discovered himself. He is fortunate, and he doesn’t easily perish. He was a golden leaf. Against all odds, he survived, laid down roots, and became a tree.

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